EWSDN 2012

Workshop on Software Defined Networks (EWSDN) 2012
25-26 October 2012
Darmstadt, Germany



Technical Co-Sponsors


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wireless, cellular and multilayer

Software Defined Wireless Networks: Unbridling SDNs
Salvatore Costanzo, Laura Galluccio, Giacomo Morabito and Sergio Palazzo

Toward Software-Defined Cellular Networks
Li Erran Li, Morley Mao and Jennifer Rexford

OpenFlow and Multi-Layer Extensions: Overview and Next Steps
Meral Shirazipour, Ying Zhang, Neda Beheshti, Geoffrey Lefebvre and Mallik Tatipamula

virtualization and layer 2 issues

OpenFlow Virtualization Framework with Advanced Capabilities
Balázs Sonkoly, András Gulyás, Felicián Németh, János Czentye, Krisztián Kurucz, Barnabás Novák and Gábor Vaszku

VeRTIGO: network virtualization and beyond
Roberto Doriguzzi Corin, Matteo Gerola, Roberto Riggio, Francesco De Pellegrini and Elio Salvadori

Implementing Layer 2 Network Virtualization using OpenFlow: Challenges and Solutions
Jon Matías, Borja Tornero, Alaitz Mendiola, Eduardo Jacob and Nerea Toledo

Energy efficient minimum spanning tree in OpenFlow networks
Luca Prete, Fabio Farina, Mauro Campanella and Andrea Biancini

performances, testing, development

Packet-In Message Control for Reducing CPU Load and Control Traffic in OpenFlow Switches
Daisuke Kotani and Yasuo Okabe

A Flexible OpenFlow Controller Benchmark
Michael Jarschel, Frank Lehrieder, Zsolt Magyari and Rastin Pries

OFTEN Testing OpenFlow Networks
Maciej Kuzniar, Marco Canini and Dejan Kostic

A practical experience in designing an OpenFlow controller
Roberto Bifulco, Roberto Canonico, Marcus Brunner, Peer Hasselmeyer and Faisal Mir

2nd OFELIA open call

Software-Defined Networking: Experimenting with the control to forwarding plane interface
Evangelos Haleplidis, Spyros Denazis, Odysseas Koufopavlou, Joel Halpern and Jamal Hadi Salim

PaFloMon: A Slice-Aware Passive Flow Monitoring Framework for OpenFlow Enabled Experimental Facilities
Christos Argyropoulos, Dimitrios Kalogeras, Georgios Androulidakis and Vasilis Maglaris

Pursuing a Software Defined Information-centric Network
Dimitris Syrivelis, George Parisis, Dirk Trossen, Paris Flegkas, Vasilis Sourlas, Thanasis Korakis and Leandros Tassiulas

Customizing Data-plane Processing in Edge Routers
Fulvio Risso and Ivano Cerrato

On QoS Support to Ofelia and OpenFlow
Balázs Sonkoly, András Gulyás, Felicián Németh, János Czentye, Krisztián Kurucz, Barnabás Novák and Gábor Vaszkun

Abstraction through extended VirtuALisation in Openflow Networks – AVALON
Pontus Sköldström

open session

Techno-economic analysis of software defined networking for the virtualization of a mobile network
Bram Naudts, Mario Kind, Fritz-Joachim Westphal, Sofie Verbrugge, Didier Colle and Mario Pickavet

Enabling Future Internet Architecture Research and Experimentation by Using Software Defined Networking
Flavio Silva, Joao Pereira, Pedro Frosi Rosa and Sergio Kofuji

A use-case based analysis of network management functions in the ONF SDN model
Alisa Devlic, Wolfgang John and Pontus Sköldström


Workshop Chair

Hagen Woesner EICT, Berlin, Germany

Technical Program Committee Co-Chairs

Juergen Quittek NEC, Heidelberg, Germany
Stefano Salsano Univ. Tor Vergata, Roma, Italy
Elio Salvadori CREATE-NET, Trento, Italy

Technical Program Committee

Achim Autenrieth ADVA, Germany
Siamak Azodolmolky Univ. of Essex, UK
Dean Bogdanovic Juniper Networks
Marco Canini EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Ramon Casellas CTTC, Barcelona, Spain
Didier Colle IBBT - Ghent University, Belgium
Francesco De Pellegrini CREATE-NET, Trento, Italy
Thomas Dietz NEC, Germany
Stefano Giordano University of Pisa, Italy
Andreas Gladisch Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs, Berlin, Germany
Eduardo Jacob Basque Country University, Bilbao, Spain
Wolfgang John Ericsson Sweden
Pawel Kaczmarek ADVA, Poland
Holger Karl Universität Paderborn, Germany
Eiji Kawai NICT, Japan
Wolfgang Kellerer DOCOMO Europe, Munich, Germany
Marc Koerner TUB, Berlin, Germany
Teemu Koponen Nicira Networks
Andreas Köpsel EICT, Berlin, Germany
Alessandro Leonardi AGT, Germany
Diego R. Lopez Telefonica
Antonio Manzalini Telecom Italia
Ruben Merz Telekom Innovation Laboratories & TU Berlin, Germany
Giacomo Morabito Univ. of Catania / CNIT, Catania, Italy
Akihiro Nakao University of Tokio, Japan
Reza Nejabati Univ. of Essex, UK
Bernhard Plattner ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
Stefano Previdi CISCO, San Jose, USA
Robert Raszuk NTT MCL
Roberto Riggio CREATE-NET, Trento, Italy
Charalampos Rotsos University of Cambridge, UK
Rob Sherwood Big Switch Networks
Pontus Skoldström ACREO, Sweden
Marc Sune i2CAT, Barcelona, Spain
Vincenzo Suraci Univ. La Sapienza, Roma, Italy
Attila Takacs Ericsson Hungary
Mallik Tatipamula Ericsson
Steve Uhlig Queen Mary University of London, UK
Luca Veltri Univ. of Parma / CNIT, Parma, Italy
Call for Papers


Software Defined Networking (SDN) is emerging as a promising architectural solution to support and foster innovation in telecommunication networks. Several switch/router vendors are “opening” their hardware, offering APIs to allow a “software defined” control of the networking operations. The vitality of the SDN approach is witnessed by the release of several SDN tools and development environments, most of which are open sourced.


The OpenFlow specifications, now standardized by the Open Networking Foundation, can represent a key component in a SDN architecture, but the SDN scope and concept is much wider than the OpenFlow APIs. In particular there is the need of higher level SDN abstractions and higher level SDN APIs, as the ones that should be offered to applications (e.g. SDN “north-bound” interfaces).


What makes an SDN workshop “European”? Traditional strengths of European research and development have been in optical transmission and wireless, especially cellular networks. The workshop emphasizes aspects of Software Defined Networks that come up when extending SDN 'beyond Ethernet'. In this regard, “European” does not mean that we restrict to a geographic scope, we welcome contribution and participation from all over the world.


One goal of the workshop is to bring together industry and academia on the topics of SDN, in particular the workshop will feature an “industry forum”, i.e. a session with presentations of key industrial players (manufacturers, telecom operators, ...).

A special session will include presentation and discussion of the highest ranked proposals to the 2nd open call of the OFELIA project.

Contributions to the workshop

We are interested in both papers showing consolidated results and in position papers bringing up innovative ideas. We welcome contributions including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Optical extensions to OpenFlow, SDN
  • Wireless integration, characterization of wireless interfaces, flows, handover support
  • Evolved packet core, LTE support for OpenFlow
  • New controller architectures, Application Programmer's Interfaces, SDN “north-bound” interfaces
  • Higher level SDN abstractions, APIs, object models
  • New networking paradigms like Content or Information Centric Networks (CCN/ICN) and their relation with SDN
  • Carrier-grade SDN architectures and equipment
  • Network Virtualization techniques based on SDN
  • Practical experiments on OpenFlow / SDN based testbeds
  • Identification of use cases for SDN, SDN related business models
  • SDN frameworks and tools, SDN based equipment: controllers, switches, integrated development environment, testing and debugging environment