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Monday 10 October 2016

Chair's Welcome & Opening Address

Hagen Woesner | General Chair | EWSDN


    EWSDN community and participants welcome


Paper Session: NFV and Service Chaining I

Chair: Giuseppe Carella | Demo and Exhibition Chair | EWSDN

Senior Researcher | Fraunhofer FOKUS


Towards a Structured Approach to Developing Benchmarks for Virtual Network Functions

Jeremias Blendin | PhD Student | TU Darmstadt

Jeremias Blendin, Yuriy Babenko, Dennis Kusidlo, Georg Schyguda and David Hausheer


Understand Your Chains: Towards Performance Profile-based Network Service Management

Manuel Peuster | Research Associate | Paderborn University

Manuel Peuster and Holger Karl



10:40  Refreshment Break

Paper Session: NFV and Service Chaining II



vNFChain: A VM-dedicated Fast Service Chaining Framework for Micro-VNFs

Ryota Kawashima | Assist. Professor | Nagoya Institute of Technology

Ryota Kawashima and Hiroshi Matsuo


A Host-based Performance Comparison of NFV Environment Focusing on Packet Processing Architectures and Virtual Switches

Ryota Kawashima | Assist. Professor | Nagoya Institute of Technology


Invited Talk:

Superfluid NFV: VMs and Virtual Infrastructure Managers speed-up for instantaneous service instantiation

Stefano Salsano | Associate Professor | University of Rome Tor Vergata

12:30 Lunch

Invited Talk:

Introducing IOVisor in OpenStack and SDN Infrastructures

Fulvio Risso | Associate Professor | Politecnico di Torino


[Paper Session: SDN I

Chair: Stefano Salsano | Associate Professor | University of Rome Tor Vergata


Dynamic Flow Rules in Software Defined Networks

Qing Wei | Principal Researcher | Huawei

Qing Wei, David Perez-Caparros and Artur Hecker


TeleScope: Flow-Level Video Telemetry using SDN

Yu Wang | PhD Student | University of New South Wales


Refreshment break


ICONA: a peer-to-peer approach for Software Defined Wide Area Networks using ONOS

Michele Santuari | Junior Research Engineer | CREATE-NET

Matteo Gerola, Francesco Lucrezia, Michele Santuari, Elio Salvadori, Pier Luigi Ventre, Stefano Salsano and Mauro Campanella


A Software-Defined Flexible Inter-Domain Interconnect using ONOS

Vijay Sivaraman | Associate Professor | University of New South Wales

Research Associate | ONF

Himal Kumar, Craig Russell, Vijay Sivaraman and Sujata Banerjee


Open discussion


End of Day 1

Tuesday 11 October 2016
EWSDN Demo Sessions
14:00 Demo Session Introduction: Giuseppe Carella | Demo and Exhibition Chair

Short presentations of the demos (4-5 slides, up to 15 minutes)


IoT Ecosystem over Programmable SDN Infrastructure for Smart City Applications

Łukasz Ogrodowczyk, Bartosz Belter and Marc Leclerc


Basebox — Integrating Whitebox Switches into Linux: A Controller Implementation for OF-DPA Hardware

Daniel Fritzsche, Zsolt Magyari, Michael Schlosser and Tobias Jungel


Defining a Generic OR-VNFM Interface for Configuring Network Functions

Davide Pezzolla, Ivano Cerrato, Fulvio Risso and Gabriele Castellano


VNFaaS with End-to-End Full Service Orchestration

Jorge Carapinha, Marco Di Girolamo, Giuseppe Monteleone, Aurora Ramos and George Xilouris


FlowSNAC: Improving FlowNAC with Secure Scaling and Resiliency

Jon Matias, Jokin Garay, Pontus Skoldstrom, Abdul Ghafoor and Eduardo Jacob


Combinatorial Auction-Based Resource Allocation in the Fog

Lyndon Fawcett, Matthew Broadbent and Nicholas Race.

15:30 Refreshment Break
16:00 Demo Session

Closing Remarks.

Ali Al-Shabibi | Technical Program Committe Co-Chair | EWSDN

Network Software Developer | Open Networking Laboratory

18:00 End of EWSDN 2016